In this post, let me tell you about how to configure IIS to require SSL on both Federation Servers. First step, open the Administrative Tools from the Start menu as shown on the following picture:

And then, in the Administrative Tools many options will be available, among these options one will be for IIS Manager. Double-click on this option to open it as shown on the below picture:

The IIS Manager Wizard will open. On the left hand side will be the Connections Pane.

Next step, expand the Server Name available under the Connection Pane, on expanding an option will appear named "Sites", again expand this option. This will bring the default Website under the IIS.

Click on this default Website, on clicking an option will come in the center Pane named SSL Settings, double-click on it to open it.

Now, check the "Require SSL" and then select on the "Accept Client Certificate".

Go to the Actions Pane and then select on the "Apply" button to apply the changes made.

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