Microsoft's Internet Information Services (IIS) is a flexible, general-purpose web server that delivers HTML pages or files requested on Windows computers.

Client workstations located remotely can submit queries to an IIS web server, which will then return the appropriate response. Using this foundational functionality, Web servers can share and distribute data across LANs, such as corporate intranets, and WANs, such as the Internet.

A web server can provide users with information in numerous formats, including HTML-coded static web pages, file downloads and uploads, text documents, and image files.
ASP.Net MVC Application Deployment on IIS Server

Step 1
Using Visual Studio, develop the MVC application.

Select the Project Type as MVC and hit the create button.

Now our Project is in the initial Deployment stage.

Now our application is ready for Deployment on IIS Server.

Step 2
Now right click on the application and hit the publish option.

Step 3
Select the deployment options.

We will select the Folder option.

Create the Directory in your system for Application Build.

Select your folder for application build.

Hit the Finish button and we are good to go.

Our application build was created successfully.

Our Deployment Build is ready.

Step 4
Open the IIS Server.

Right click on the websites and add a new website. Give the name of the website and add the physical path for your application where you stored the application build. The next step will be to give the Hostname to your website (Simply the Domain Name)

Deploying MVC Application on IIS Server

You can see the setting in the below screenshot.

Now click the OK button.

Step 5
Open the C Drive and find the system 32 Folder. Open the Driver Folder and after that, open the etc. folder and then open the Host File


Open the Host file using Notepad.

Now open CMD and find your IP Address.
Set the IP Address and Host name in Host file in the way I am doing below.


Now go to IIS Server and browse your website.

Now our application is live on IIS Server.